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Skyscrapers Puzzle

Today’s Puzzle

Today’s puzzle is Skyscrapers puzzle. If you are new to Skyscrapers puzzle, please read Rule and Tutorial of Skyscrapers Puzzle first. Previous puzzles are available from link buttons below (Puzzles will be refreshed). A PDF file for print is also available at the end of this article.

Skyscrapers puzzle shares the same rules with Sudoku that each column and each row contain each digit exactly once.

When we play Skyscrapers puzzle, we assume that each digit represents the height of each skyscraper. With that in mind, counts of skyscrapers or calculation results of heights of skyscrapers you can see from the specific direction are provided.

Understanding about permutation of numbers is required compared to other kinds of puzzles.

We make all puzzles have only one solution.

Today’s Puzzle


In this puzzle, counts of skyscrapers you can see from each direction are provided as hints.

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